FIRST TEAM 236 The TechnoTicks "It's in your blood"

2014 Motorolla Quality Award

Congratulations to Team 236 for winning the Motorola Quality Award for Robostness in Concept and Design. The judges cited in particular the Swan Arm and Pick-Up Mechanism.

The consistent way in which these parts worked, helped make the 236 robot stand out.   It’s speed and consistency of pick-up made it a “good alliance partner” (a key in this game).  We were able to quickly collect and pass balls awarding the team great “assist” points.

We really tested that robostness as our robot had to compete in 2 more rounds than expected when field-failures (one the lights and the other a deflated ball) meant that rounds that we had already won, had to be replayed.

Here are some photos from Conception to Competition to Award





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