Day 18 – Midterms OVER!

Posted on 01/22/2015 Under The Daily Tick

The Elevator Team – Justin and Liam worked on putting the mounting holes into the aluminium arms before they are attached to the uprights

The Fork Team – David & Cole worked on making spring bushings and cutting steel hinges. Sam & Ethan worked on CAD to determine lightening holes.

The Chassis Team – Hunter milled the ends of the cross pieces to an exact 8″ to ensure that they accurately guide the omni wheel.

The Ingester Group – Hayden, Anna, Sam, John & Morgan, tested the intake mechanism, adjusting the angle and checking the inflation of the wheels.

Chassis Drive – Justin & Liam worked on the CNC machine until it went …. oooops!

The Wiring Group continued with their recycling efforts and at the time of writing their PWM Cable stash had saved the team $180 not including shipping, maintenance on the trucks … landfill … (we think you are pushing it Gabrielle)

The Programming Group – Jared ran a lesson for Avery, Alexis, Sophie, Shanon (and Mrs DiCarlo) in writing code for the PID Elevator Controls

The CAD team – were working on transferring their work into drawings for fabrication. Laura-Lee working on drawing the encoder brackets.