After the Snow … Jumping into Saturday Morning

020616_JAW_Mr Derry Laura Lee Discussing Modifications_IMG_2566

Mr. Derry Discussing Modifications to a Drawing with Laura Lee

020616_JAW_Alexis CAD_IMG_2564

Alexis Updating a CAD file

020616_JAW__Ryan Mr BozenhardIMG_2568

Ryan & Mr. Bozenhard Getting to Work

020616_JAW_Rose & Alexis modifying design_IMG_2565

Rose & Alexis Collaborating on Modifications







020616_JAW_Programming Team_IMG_2578

Programming Team

020616_JAW__Mr Trudeau Avery IMproving Design_IMG_2576

Mr. Trudeau and Avery Adding Detail to the Drawing


020616_JAW_Anna making prototyping parts_IMG_2572

Anna Making Parts for Prototyping

020616_JAW_Corey Mr Gripps and Andy_IMG_2567

Corey, Mr. Gripps and Andy working on the Plasma Cutter