Busy Ticks Making Progress – Feb 3-4

020316_JAW_Alexis Plasmacutter_IMG_2557

Alexis at the Plasma Cutter

020316_JAW_Matt wiring_IMG_2558

Matt Wiring Controls


A Productive Week with plenty of Student  Activity!







020316_JAW_Ryan Griffin Filed element_IMG_2560

Ryan & Griffin prepping field elements

020316_SH_Allison Mr Derry Talking Parts_IMG_0998

Alison & Mr. Derry — CNC Machining

020316_SH_Heather Sam Aiden Chassis_IMG_0988

Heather, Sam and Aiden working on chassis prototype

020316_SH_Ryan Corey Measuring_IMG_0993

Ryan & Corey taking measurements