FIRST TEAM 236 The TechnoTicks "It's in your blood"

1st Win of the Season!

Thanks to our fantastic teachers, mentors, parents & alliance members for a wonderful win today at the Waterbury District Competition. The start of a great season we hope! Winning Alliance was: TechnoTicks #236, TechTigers #3654 from Mercy High School and #181 Birds of Prey. Their opponents put up a very...

Industrial Design Award

Our first outing of the season and we reached the quarter finals in 7th picking place.  We teamed with the Uberbots and FullMetal Falcons and after two competitive games we won 96 points and 94 points against the ultimate finalists.

Team 236 were honored to be awarded the General Motors Industrial Design Award which

celebrates form and function in an efficiently designed machine that effectively achieves the game design challenge. The design award is granted to the team that best achieves these aims while having a highly competitive robot.

This year’s robot was manufactured with the help of two new pieces of equipment funded by the Lyme Old Lyme Education Foundation.

In 2015 LOLEF awarded a $17,390 grant to the Technology and Engineering Department of Lyme–Old Lyme High School, home of Team236, for advanced equipment to complete a 21st century Maker Space. The new tools, a CNC Plasma Cutter and CNC Lathe, enabled students to cut and manufacture highly accurate parts, molds and prototypes for use in electronic vehicle design, passive solar energy machines, robotic components and more. This new equipment added tremendous value to the LOLHS Technology and Engineering Department.

As well as supporting the robotics program, the newly designed space provides the flexibility to maximize use of the equipment in a wide range of courses. Students experience the full engineering process, with design instruction integrated with the manufacturing process. Design, manufacturing, testing and evaluation are now performed with CAD (computed-aided design) in the adjacent computer lab. Students work and learn in a space similar (and in some cases superior to) labs in top engineering schools.


2014 Motorolla Quality Award

Congratulations to Team 236 for winning the Motorola Quality Award for Robostness in Concept and Design. The judges cited in particular the Swan Arm and Pick-Up Mechanism. The consistent way in which these parts worked, helped make the 236 robot stand out.   It’s speed and consistency of pick-up made...

Chairman’s Award

Each team that is honored with the Chairman’s Award at the First Championship joins the First Hall of Fame

Team 236 won this award in 2009 – this is the Tick’s Chairman’s Award video