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Day 14 – Saturday Playday

The Elevator Team worked on fabricating aluminium parts and welding.

The Wiring Team harvested and tested PWM cables and testing out the PMW motor and control signals and looking at them on the oscilloscope to determine what signals the robot is actually receiving.

The Programming Team’s work schedule included looking at the format of the code and working on the elevator and drive subsystems.

The Chassis Team worked on finishing chassis construction, adding lightening holes and producing chain tighteners. They also worked on designing an encoding mount to be 3d printed.

The CAD team worked with Solidworks on testing PWM wires, planning the code and mounting encoders on transmitters and Hunter worked with Mr Trudeau on Solidworks to determine the exact location of the lightening holes.

The PR team worked on creating a schedule for our visiting Journalist from The Day next Saturday and sourcing some great give-aways for our district competitions.

The Intake team worked on refining their prototype and integrating the intake with the forks. They worked on the space available and location.