FIRST TEAM 236 The TechnoTicks "It's in your blood"

Jared DiCarlo – ’12-’15

FRC2015-WaterburyDistrict-IMG_4493Being involved in FRC in high school was what got me into my dream school of MIT.

FIRST gave me an opportunity to learn valuable engineering skills in high school, which has been incredible useful to me at school.


I’m a member of MIT’s FSAE electric race car team and I’m using what I learned with the Techno Ticks to design and analyze suspension components.


I’m also working to design a two speed electric actuator to be used in robots. The projects are extremely similar to the work I’ve done with the robotics team.

FLLbash-lunaticks-2009 (14)Jared was a key member and leader within FIRST from 2009 when he became involved in Lego Robotics at Lyme Old Lyme Middle School.

Following his entry into LOL High School Jared quickly became a Team Captain and a critical member of the team.  His enthusiasm and 200% commitment to the TechnoTicks will be a hard act to follow.

Keep us updated Jared, we’d love to know what comes next!