FIRST TEAM 236 The TechnoTicks "It's in your blood"

Onshape Design

by Phoebe Lampos

On December 10th, FIRST Team 226–Technoticks met online via Zoom. Team members and mentors broke into small groups and used a CAD Program called OnShape to create a cube, with each member of the breakout room working to construct one side of the cube. The objective was to create a small keychain with the team logo on it, that could be sent to a 3D printer. Team 236 has different categories for members to focus on, such as programming, design, build, drive, CAD, and electrical. This exercise was led by the CAD group, who shared

their screen and provided a tutorial to teach CAD skills to the other Technoticks. It was interesting to see how quickly and easily CAD can be used to create a piece like a keychain in OnShape. The CAD team provided tips and encouragement to help everyone get through the data management piece. Team members who had experience with Solidworks (another CAD program), added sketches and features to the design. The text was extruded, and the completed work was formatted so the file could be sent to a 3d printer, to produce the actual piece. The keychain turned out great! The Technoticks plan to continue experimenting with their Arduino circuitry kits and are now adding CAD design skills to their repertoire.

How do I attend the online meetings? 

RETURNING MEMBERS  |  You should have received an email from Mr. Derry.  Please complete all four assignments to receive the Zoom link and participate fully. 

NEW MEMBERS  |   To join the team, contact Mr. Derry or fill out this form.  Once we hear from you, we will send you links and instructions on how to sign up.

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