FIRST TEAM 236 The TechnoTicks "It's in your blood"

BS9, 01/15/2017

Our first full Saturday in the shop and prototyping is well under way.

Most sub-function teams built prototypes and laid them out within the robot frame and Max got really frustrated about space limitations!

We started the day building and then had a safety lecture from Mr Goss relating to dress, use of glasses, warnings relating to the starting of the robot, who is qualified to use which equipment etc.

Quote of the day relates to our safety talk, hair must be tied back, jacket strings tucked in and …

Mr Goss: “I’m not quite sure what the protocol is for that beard Mr Berry”


BS5, 01/11/2017

Welcome to hump day in the shop!

BS2, 01/08/2017

Mother Nature reminded us that she is in charge … but we were only delayed by an hour before we got straight into our strategy meeting.

With several new students it was good to split into five mixed groups with a reminder that not everyone has the same style and everyone’s voice should be heard.

Quotes of the Day

Mr Derry: “I’ve spent 18 years learning to listen … and I’m still learning”


Build Season Day 1

Mother Nature reminded us that she is in charge … but we were only delayed by an hour before we got straight into our strategy meeting.

With several new students it was good to split into five mixed groups with a reminder that not everyone has the same style and everyone’s voice should be heard.

Quotes of the Day

Mr Derry: “I’ve spent 18 years learning to listen … and I’m still learning”


After the Snow … Jumping into Saturday Morning

020616_JAW_Mr Derry Laura Lee Discussing Modifications_IMG_2566
Mr. Derry Discussing Modifications to a Drawing with Laura Lee
020616_JAW_Alexis CAD_IMG_2564
Alexis Updating a CAD file
020616_JAW__Ryan Mr BozenhardIMG_2568
Ryan & Mr. Bozenhard Getting to Work
020616_JAW_Rose & Alexis modifying design_IMG_2565
Rose & Alexis Collaborating on Modifications







020616_JAW_Programming Team_IMG_2578
Programming Team
020616_JAW__Mr Trudeau Avery IMproving Design_IMG_2576
Mr. Trudeau and Avery Adding Detail to the Drawing


020616_JAW_Anna making prototyping parts_IMG_2572
Anna Making Parts for Prototyping
020616_JAW_Corey Mr Gripps and Andy_IMG_2567
Corey, Mr. Gripps and Andy working on the Plasma Cutter

Busy Ticks Making Progress – Feb 3-4

020316_JAW_Alexis Plasmacutter_IMG_2557
Alexis at the Plasma Cutter
020316_JAW_Matt wiring_IMG_2558
Matt Wiring Controls


A Productive Week with plenty of Student  Activity!







020316_JAW_Ryan Griffin Filed element_IMG_2560
Ryan & Griffin prepping field elements
020316_SH_Allison Mr Derry Talking Parts_IMG_0998
Alison & Mr. Derry — CNC Machining
020316_SH_Heather Sam Aiden Chassis_IMG_0988
Heather, Sam and Aiden working on chassis prototype
020316_SH_Ryan Corey Measuring_IMG_0993
Ryan & Corey taking measurements

Holding Strong at the end of January

With 23 days remaining in the 2016 Build Season, the Team is holding strong to this year’s mantra of designing FIRST.

Physical prototyping has been minimized but ideas have continued to flow.  Now we will see how the ideas come together in the physical robot…


013116_JAW_Discussing modifications to Prototype_IMG_2553
Mr. Derry and the CAD and Intake Teams review modifications needed based on observing the prototype

013116_JAW_IntakePrototype_IMG_2550 013116_JAW_IntakePrototype_IMG_2552

Waterbury District Event Photo Gallery

Sunday at Waterbury … tensions run high as we enter Day 2 as leaders and hold that lead right to the end!

Our first competition of the season and we came away as Captains of the Winning Alliance. The Ticks had held the lead throughout the day, including achieving the highest score (121) of any round. The team were honored to be awarded the Motorola Quality Award for the second year in a row.

Prototyping Protective Cones – February 7, 2015

To provide protection for the intake motors at the ends of the intake mechanism, protective cones have been designed. The ultimate goal is to produce them using the 3-D printer. Because the 3-D printer supplies are costly, the team opted to prototype with a vacuum-molding process.  The prototype was designed in CAD. The mold was cut into foam on the Shopbot and then smoothed and covered with aluminum foil to prevent melting of the foam during the vacuum molding process.  The molded cones (made of a thin plastic material) were then installed on the robot for testing. A few modifications have been made to allow for wiring and testing.  Any modifications will be added to the CAD drawing to ensure that the final design is available for the 3D printing process. Laura Lee and Everett were the key design/production managers on this project, with assistance from Mr. Derry, Mr. Trudeau, and Mr. Goss.

TBT – The Elf on the Shelf

So getting our team into one place to get a full team photo is practically impossible. In this photo the whole of the front row have been individually photoshopped into the original. Unfortunately Mr Wilczinski was busy judging – and by the time he arrived, there was no more...

February 4, 2014

Tonight’s work included locating and wiring the limit switch.  Strengthening the elevator structure, finishing the flappers and designing the protective cone for intake motor

Day 14 – Saturday Playday

The Elevator Team worked on fabricating aluminium parts and welding.

The Wiring Team harvested and tested PWM cables and testing out the PMW motor and control signals and looking at them on the oscilloscope to determine what signals the robot is actually receiving.

The Programming Team’s work schedule included looking at the format of the code and working on the elevator and drive subsystems.

The Chassis Team worked on finishing chassis construction, adding lightening holes and producing chain tighteners. They also worked on designing an encoding mount to be 3d printed.

The CAD team worked with Solidworks on testing PWM wires, planning the code and mounting encoders on transmitters and Hunter worked with Mr Trudeau on Solidworks to determine the exact location of the lightening holes.

The PR team worked on creating a schedule for our visiting Journalist from The Day next Saturday and sourcing some great give-aways for our district competitions.

The Intake team worked on refining their prototype and integrating the intake with the forks. They worked on the space available and location.

Day 9 – Divide to Conquer

Dividing the team into small groups has us moving ahead this weekend with refining the various elements to meet our overall desired strategic goals.  We have observed interactions among the groups and each group has progressed to CAD and prototyping to test different ideas.  The control/programming group is supporting the other groups’ efforts as well as developing their own programming and control system skills.

One Week Down!

2005 Robot Showcase

The game for the 2005 season is played on a 27′ wide by 52′ long playing field with the 9 goals configured in 3 x 3 matrix, similar to tic-tac-toe. The robots will attempt to place the red and blue game tetras in or on one or more of...

2004 Robot Showcase

The game for the 2004 season requires robots to collect and pass 13” balls to the human player to then shoot them into fixed and moveable goals. There are three 30” balls on the playing field that can be placed on top of any goal by a robot, which...

2003 Robot Showcase

The game for the 2003 season required robots to collect and stack plastic storage containers on their side of the playing field. The location of the robots and containers and the height of the stacks at the end of the match determined each team’s score for the round.

2002 Robot Showcase

Each 2 minute match began with the 24’ x 48’ field broken up into 5 zones and set up as follows. Four robots start on the playing field and are paired in alliances of 2. There were 2 robots at diagonally opposite corners, 10 soccer balls in each driver...

2000 – “Gracie”

Four teams, paired in two alliances, competed in each match. An alliance scored points by placing balls in their goal, and by positioning their robots in designated areas at the end of each match. At the start of a match each alliance had seven yellow balls and one black...

1999 – “The Tick”

Points were scored by positioning “floppies,” robots, and the “puck” on the playing field. Floppies were light weight, pillow-like objects with Velcro-loop material located in the center and around the perimeter. Each alliance had ten color coded floppies located on the playing field and at the player stations. At...

Team of 2005

Student members of 2005 team (38): Tom Abraham, Daniel Bagdorf, William Bagdorf, Anne Fairfield-Sonn, Barton Linderman, Cecily Faenza, Chris Lehrman, Christina Norman-Gohn, Clare Conniff, Dana Meinke, David Brown, David Faenza, Dennis Hauteniemi, Elene Birch, James Smith, John Stearns, John Glenn, Julie Mercurio, Kate Ross, Katie Garland, Matt King, Melissa...

2014 Motorolla Quality Award

Congratulations to Team 236 for winning the Motorola Quality Award for Robostness in Concept and Design. The judges cited in particular the Swan Arm and Pick-Up Mechanism. The consistent way in which these parts worked, helped make the 236 robot stand out.   It’s speed and consistency of pick-up made...

Team of 2014

Students, Teachers and Mentors, they’ll all be here soon (when we catch up with them) … the Technoticks Team 236 of 2014. We know that not everyone can be there every day, so here is the full list of the team of 2014 including those who have given us...

Chairman’s Award

Each team that is honored with the Chairman’s Award at the First Championship joins the First Hall of Fame

Team 236 won this award in 2009 – this is the Tick’s Chairman’s Award video