FIRST TEAM 236 The TechnoTicks "It's in your blood"

Team of 2014

Students, Teachers and Mentors, they’ll all be here soon (when we catch up with them) … the Technoticks Team 236 of 2014. We know that not everyone can be there every day, so here is the full list of the team of 2014 including those who have given us their time for special events like Bash @ The Beach.

The Team of 2014: Graham Richartz, William Sherer, Jacob Watts-St. Germain, Jared Di Carlo, Nicholas Bozenhard, Thomas Crisp, Nathan Bersing, Zachery Harrison, Nathan Abraham, Nathan Bersing, Matt Crisp, Max Conley, Cole Dushin, David Foster, Patrick Ames, Spencer Avery, Byrnes Berglund, Avery Bickerman, Max Conley, Cole Dushin, David Foster, Everett Grethel, Hayden Hendrick, Benjamin Jackson, Patrick LeRoi, Norman Main, Kiran Nadkarni, Peyton Ogden, Caeli Rice, Peter Shoemaker, Marissa Smith, Brendan Wright, Justin Gellar, Ryan Harty, Ford Klier, James Kolb, Michael Reddy, Morey Tripp, Kyle Harvill, Kaetelyn Judy, Hannah Paynter, Daniel Rockwell, Kathleen Stedman, Samuel Winter, Eric Behringer, Isabelle Foster, Samuel Holcombe, Graham Richartz, William Sherer, Chase Sielbeck, Joseph Sweeney, Jacob Watts-St. Germain,

Mentors: Randy and Susan Anway, John Arnold, Norm Bersing, Ken Borden, John Bozenhard, Sarah Crisp, Ellen and Steve DiCarlo, Steve Dunn, Mike Gentry, Mike Gripps, Jerry Hendrik, Don LeRoi, Owen McCusker, Al Petri, Tom Shedlosky, Ray Slezycki, Chris Wells, Jean and Vince Wilczynski, Brenda Cartmel, Steve Winter

Teachers: William Derry, Jon Goss, Tammy Noyes

Alumni: Sarah Behringer, Jackson Bennett, RJ Congdon, Brian Stearns, Pat Wilczynski