FIRST TEAM 236 The TechnoTicks "It's in your blood"

Thursday, September 24th

It was a busy day in the Ticks shop as our student leaders took the reins in explaining what each of their teams did and how their work fitted in to the whole “TechnoTicks” picture.

Following last year’s shift, with mentors taking far more of a back seat and sticking with our motto of “student hands on the robot”, we have extended that now with students leading each of the work teams.

Alison & Shannon have taken over organization of Bash@theBeach, our most important fundraiser.

Justin and Hayden will be leading on manufacturing whilst Avery and Big Sam F will be leading on CAD.

Little Sam F is stepping into “very big shoes” taking over the programming of the bot (and is looking for more volunteers).

Alexis and Matt will be leading the controls and wiring teams.

It was great to see so many newcomers to the team and in particular to invite some sophomores and Juniors, proving it’s never to late to become a Tick!